Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

I come from the world of marketing.  Used to be an owner of a digital agency (Splash) for 12 years, CMO at startups (Aligned, Democrance) and a GTM consultant.

I wish we had artificial intelligence when I had Splash. Integrating artificial intelligence into the daily operations of the marketing department will help you streamline processes, improve productivity, and maintain a competitive edge.

What will we talk about?

From a 20,000-foot bird’s eye view to the practical application of advanced AI tools for daily use in marketing tasks.

  •  Past, present, and future – we’ll hear about the journey AI has gone through, up to this point and understand why it’s soaring right now.
  •   From theory to practice – we’ll introduce 4 tools that can assist the marketing team in its various roles.
  • We’ll learn about designing with AI.
  •  Creating videos for social media.
  •  Writing professional content.
  •  Writing SEO.

 And more…

*   We’ll create a foundation of work processes within the marketing team – processes that combine human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

*   We’ll understand and try to assess what the near and distant future holds in the world of marketing.

In the lecture / experiential and practical workshop, you’ll receive the tools for implementing artificial intelligence in the world of marketing – from various tools to the implementation of work processes that combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

Our meeting can take place in the format of a one-and-a-half-hour interactive lecture or a two-hour practical and experiential workshop that includes examples relevant to your field of work and joint experimentation with AI using many diverse tools. 

Before our session we’ll conduct a comprehensive and in-depth preparatory discussion to fine-tune the content for you and provide the participants with relevant applicable knowledge that they can successfully integrate into their work starting the very next morning.

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