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AI Transformation

My passion and mission - to help organizations go through AI Transformation, and ride the AI wave.

I have GREAT news - We have started the biggest change in humanity's history. AND...there's ample time to hop on board and ride the AI wave.

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Eyal Marcus

A communications, media and marketing professional.  Former journalist, former Digital Marketing agency owner (Splash, Sold 2021), Midburn retiree, former VP Marketing at a startup.

I have been studying and lecturing about human communication and technology for almost a decade.

In 2021, I fell into the AI rabbit hole, in 2022 I started lecturing about AI.

My enthusiasm and belief that AI will change our world thoroughly fuel my lectures and workshops.
My mission is to help managers harness AI in their professional lives and help organizations go through AI Transformation .

Paul Emmet, CEO
“Rarely can one create such a wide range of emotions in a single presentation. Thank you. The content was informative and stretched our current thinking, plus the discussions were rich & a sign of the engagement you created.”
Bank of Jerusalem
"Thanks for the workshop. It was really Informative. The way you shared your knowledge made it easy for us to see how AI tools can be beneficial both personally and professionally. Your enthusiasm is truly inspiring!"
Malam Team
"The workshop was hands on, thought provoking and fun too. The feedback we received was positive and many of us are starting to incorporate AI tools into our routines post workshop. This is what we needed to boost productivity in our company."
EIT Health
Balazs Furjes, Member Of The Management Board
"Eyal's presentation to our community managers was exceptional. His insights into the fast-paced AI field are invaluable for leaders seeking direction. He is highly recommended for anyone navigating the dynamic world of AI."



Stands out as the top-notch tool for AI designs.


Reigns supreme as the tool of language models.


Goes head to head with Google search. Worth trying.


The rival of ChatGPT, my favorite language model.

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